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Showing entries with nouns only.
ぶき/buki/common buki/ぶき/common武器

/BU/    /MU/    たけ.し/take.shi/BU//    MU//    take.shi/たけ.し/

warrior;  military;  chivalry;  arms

/KI/    うつわ/utsuwa/KI//    utsuwa/うつわ/

utensil;  vessel;  receptacle;  implement;  instrument;  ability;  container;  tool;  set

ぶきこ/bukiko/ bukiko/ぶきこ/武器庫
  • noun:
    1. armory;  armoury;  ordnance department
ぶきぐら/bukigura/ bukigura/ぶきぐら/武器倉
  • noun:
    1. armory;  armoury;  arsenal
ぶきたいよ/bukitaiyo/ bukitaiyo/ぶきたいよ/武器貸与
  • noun:
    1. lend-lease
ぶきささつ/bukisasatsu/ bukisasatsu/ぶきささつ/武器査察
  • noun:
    1. weapons inspection
ぶきゆしゅつきんし/bukiyushutsukinshi/ bukiyushutsukinshi/ぶきゆしゅつきんし/武器輸出禁止
  • noun:
    1. arms embargo
ぶきしょうにん/bukishounin/ bukishounin/ぶきしょうにん/武器商人
ぶきゆしゅつさんげんそく/bukiyushutsusangensoku/ bukiyushutsusangensoku/ぶきゆしゅつさんげんそく/武器輸出三原則
  • noun:
    1. Three Principles on arms exports
ぶきゆしゅつ/bukiyushutsu/ bukiyushutsu/ぶきゆしゅつ/武器輸出
  • noun:
    1. arms exports
ぶきとりひき/bukitorihiki/ bukitorihiki/ぶきとりひき/武器取引
  • noun:
    1. arms business;  arms dealing;  weapons trade;  weapons dealing
ぶきだんやく/bukidan'yaku/ bukidan'yaku/ぶきだんやく/武器弾薬
  • noun:
    1. arms and ammunition;  weapons and ammunition



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