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どろぼう/dorobou/common dorobou/どろぼう/common泥棒 · 泥坊

デイ/DEI/    ナイ/NAI/    /DE/    /NI/    どろ/doro/DEI/デイ/    NAI/ナイ/    DE//    NI//    doro/どろ/

mud;  mire;  adhere to;  be attached to


rod;  stick;  cane;  pole;  club;  line

どろぼうこんじょう/doroboukonjou/ doroboukonjou/どろぼうこんじょう/泥棒根性
  • noun:
    1. underhand character;  thievish nature
どろぼうかぎょう/doroboukagyou/ doroboukagyou/どろぼうかぎょう/泥棒稼業
  • noun:
    1. professional thievery
どろぼうねこ/dorobouneko/ dorobouneko/どろぼうねこ/泥棒猫
  • noun:
    1. a cat that enters someone's house (other than its owner's) to steal food
    2. someone who secretly does bad things (i.e. an adulterer)



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