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こうぜん/kouzen/ kouzen/こうぜん/浩然
  • noun / たる adjective → conjugation / adverb taking the と particle:
    1. broadminded;  magnanimous
    2. great and prosperous;  vast
こうかん/koukan/ koukan/こうかん/浩瀚
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. bulky;  voluminous
こうぜんのき/kouzennoki/ kouzennoki/こうぜんのき/浩然の気
  • noun:
    1. universal life force (the source of animation for all things)
    2. free spirit (i.e. a mindset unencumbered with worldly concerns)

コウ//    おおき.い/ōki.i/    ひろ.い/hiro.i/KOU/コウ/    ooki.i/おおき.い/    hiro.i/ひろ.い/

wide expanse;  abundance;  vigorous


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