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えんぎ/engi/common engi/えんぎ/common演技


performance;  act;  play;  render;  stage

/GI/    わざ/waza/GI//    waza/わざ/

skill;  art;  craft;  ability;  feat;  performance;  vocation;  arts

えんぎりょく/engiryoku/common engiryoku/えんぎりょく/common演技力
  • noun:
    1. acting ability;  talent as a performer
えんぎしゃ/engisha/ · えんぎもの/engimono/irregular engisha/えんぎしゃ/ · engimono/えんぎもの/irregular演技者
えんぎせいじんかくしょうがい/engiseijinkakushougai/ engiseijinkakushougai/えんぎせいじんかくしょうがい/演技性人格障害
  • noun:
    1. histrionic personality disorder



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