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せんたく/sentaku/common sentaku/せんたく/common洗濯
せんたくき/sentakuki/common sentakuki/せんたくき/common洗濯機 · 洗たく機
せんたっき/sentakki/ sentakki/せんたっき/洗濯機
かんそうせんたく/kansousentaku/ kansousentaku/かんそうせんたく/乾燥洗濯
  • noun:
    1. dry cleaning
せんたくばさみ/sentakubasami/ sentakubasami/せんたくばさみ/洗濯挟み · 洗濯ばさみ
  • noun:
    1. clothes-pin;  clothespin;  clothes peg
せんたくのり/sentakunori/ sentakunori/せんたくのり/洗濯糊 · 洗濯のり
せんたくもの/sentakumono/ sentakumono/せんたくもの/洗濯物
すすぐ/susugu/ susugu/すすぐ/濯ぐ · 漱ぐ · 雪ぐ
ゆすぐ/yusugu/ · そそぐ/sosogu/ yusugu/ゆすぐ/ · sosogu/そそぐ/濯ぐ · 雪ぐ
でんきせんたくき/denkisentakuki/ denkisentakuki/でんきせんたくき/電気洗濯機
  • noun:
    1. electric washing machine
あらいすすぎ/araisusugi/ araisusugi/あらいすすぎ/洗い濯ぎ
  • noun:
    1. washing and rinsing;  cleaning
せんたくいた/sentakuita/ sentakuita/せんたくいた/洗濯板
  • noun:
    1. washboard
せんたくこ/sentakuko/ sentakuko/せんたくこ/洗濯粉
  • noun:
    1. detergent
せんたくかご/sentakukago/ sentakukago/せんたくかご/洗濯籠
  • noun:
    1. laundry basket
せんたくや/sentakuya/ sentakuya/せんたくや/洗濯屋
せんたくせっけん/sentakusekken/ sentakusekken/せんたくせっけん/洗濯石鹸
  • noun:
    1. laundry soap;  detergent
せんたくだい/sentakudai/ sentakudai/せんたくだい/洗濯代
  • noun:
    1. laundry charges
おにのいぬまにせんたく/oninoinumanisentaku/ oninoinumanisentaku/おにのいぬまにせんたく/鬼の居ぬ間に洗濯
  • expression:
    1. when the cat's away, the mice will play (lit: refreshing oneself while the ogre is gone)
いのちのせんたく/inochinosentaku/ inochinosentaku/いのちのせんたく/命の洗濯
  • expression / noun:
    1. casting off the drudgery of everyday life and doing as one pleases;  kicking back
せんたくそう/sentakusou/ sentakusou/せんたくそう/洗濯槽
  • noun:
    1. washing machine tub
よすすぎ/yosusugi/ yosusugi/よすすぎ/夜濯ぎ
  • noun:
    1. washing clothes at night (during the height of the summer)
せんたくひょうじ/sentakuhyouji/ sentakuhyouji/せんたくひょうじ/洗濯表示
  • noun:
    1. care label (e.g. giving washing, etc. instructions)

タク/TAKU/    すす.ぐ/    ゆす.ぐ/タク/すす.ぐ/ゆす.ぐ/

laundry;  wash;  pour on;  rinse


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