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むが/muga/common muga/むが/common無我
  • noun:
    1. selflessness;  self-effacement;  self-renunciation
    2. anatman (no-self, the Buddhist concept that in nothing does there exist an inherent self, soul, or ego)  —Buddhist term.

/MU/    /BU/    な.い/na.i/MU//    BU//    na.i/な.い/

nothingness;  none;  ain't;  nothing;  nil;  not

/GA/    われ/ware/    /wa/    わ.が-/    わが-/waga-/GA//    ware/われ/    wa//わ.が-/    waga-/わが-/

ego;  I;  selfish;  our;  oneself

むがむちゅう/mugamuchuu/common mugamuchuu/むがむちゅう/common無我夢中
むがのきょう/muganokyou/ muganokyou/むがのきょう/無我の境
  • noun:
    1. state of complete self-effacement;  trance



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