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さわやか/sawayaka/common sawayaka/さわやか/common爽やか
そうかい/soukai/common soukai/そうかい/common爽快
ごうそう/gousou/ gousou/ごうそう/豪爽
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. fine disposition
さっそう/sassou/ sassou/さっそう/颯爽
さわさわ/sawasawa/ sawasawa/さわさわ/爽々 · 爽爽
  • adverb:
    1. rustling  —Usually written using kana alone.
    2. refreshing
    3. clearly
そうりょう/souryou/ souryou/そうりょう/爽凉outdated · 爽涼
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. cool and refreshing
せいそう/seisou/ · かわらか/kawaraka/ seisou/せいそう/ · kawaraka/かわらか/清爽
えいしさっそう/eishisassou/ eishisassou/えいしさっそう/英姿颯爽
  • たる adjective → conjugation / adverb taking the と particle:
    1. cutting a fine (dashing, gallant, noble) figure  —Archaism.
きぶんそうかい/kibunsoukai/ kibunsoukai/きぶんそうかい/気分爽快
しんしんそうかい/shinshinsoukai/ shinshinsoukai/しんしんそうかい/心身爽快
  • noun:
    1. feeling refreshed in mind and body
そうしゅう/soushuu/ soushuu/そうしゅう/爽秋
  • noun:
    1. refreshing and pleasant autumn

ソウ//    あき.らか/aki.raka/    さわ.やか/sawa.yaka/    たがう/tagau/SOU/ソウ/    aki.raka/あき.らか/    sawa.yaka/さわ.やか/    tagau/たがう/

refreshing;  bracing;  resonant;  sweet;  clear


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