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かたて/katate/common katate/かたて/common片手

ヘン/HEN/    かた-/kata-/    かた/kata/HEN/ヘン/    kata-/かた-/    kata/かた/

one-sided;  leaf;  sheet;  right-side kata radical (no. 91)

シュ/SHU/    /ZU/    /te/    て-/te-/    -て/-te/    た-/ta-/SHU/シュ/    ZU//    te//    te-/て-/    -te/-て/    ta-/た-/


かたてま/katatema/common katatema/かたてま/common片手間
  • noun:
    1. in spare time;  odd job
かたておち/katateochi/ katateochi/かたておち/片手落ち
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. one-sided;  partial;  unfair
かたておけ/katateoke/ katateoke/かたておけ/片手桶
  • noun:
    1. single-handled pail
かたてましごと/katatemashigoto/ katatemashigoto/かたてましごと/片手間仕事
  • noun:
    1. side job;  odd jobs
かたてなべ/katatenabe/ katatenabe/かたてなべ/片手鍋
  • noun:
    1. single-handled pot
かたゆとう/katayutou/ katayutou/かたゆとう/片手湯桶
  • noun:
    1. wooden scoop, used for bathing   湯桶



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