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もうれつ/mouretsu/common mouretsu/もうれつ/common猛烈


fierce;  rave;  rush;  become furious;  wildness;  strength

レツ/RETSU/    はげ.しい/hage.shii/RETSU/レツ/    hage.shii/はげ.しい/

ardent;  violent;  vehement;  furious;  severe;  extreme

もうれつしゃいん/mouretsushain/ mouretsushain/もうれつしゃいん/猛烈社員
モーレツしゃいん/MOORETSUshain/ MOORETSUshain/モーレツしゃいん/モーレツ社員
  • noun:
    1. gung-ho organization (corporate) man (woman);  go-getter worker;  hard-driving worker;  workaholic employee



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