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かくとく/kakutoku/common kakutoku/かくとく/common獲得

カク/KAKU/    え.る/カク/え.る/

seize;  get;  find;  earn;  acquire;  can;  may;  able to

トク/TOKU/    え.る/    う.る/トク/え.る/う.る/

gain;  get;  find;  earn;  acquire;  can;  may;  able to;  profit;  advantage;  benefit

かくとくだいぎいんすう/kakutokudaigiinsuu/ kakutokudaigiinsuu/かくとくだいぎいんすう/獲得代議員数
  • noun:
    1. delegate count
かくとくけいしつ/kakutokukeishitsu/ kakutokukeishitsu/かくとくけいしつ/獲得形質
  • noun:
    1. acquired characteristics (as opposed to inherited)
かくとくめんえき/kakutokumen'eki/ kakutokumen'eki/かくとくめんえき/獲得免疫
  • noun:
    1. acquired immunity



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