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たまご/tamago/common tamago/たまご/common · 玉子

ギョク/GYOKU/    たま/tama/    たま-/tama-/    -だま/-dama/GYOKU/ギョク/    tama/たま/    tama-/たま-/    -dama/-だま/

jewel;  ball

/SHI/    /SU/    /TSU/    /ko/    -こ/-ko/    /ne/SHI//    SU//    TSU//    ko//    -ko/-こ/    ne//

child;  sign of the rat;  11PM-1AM;  first sign of Chinese zodiac

たまごやき/tamagoyaki/common tamagoyaki/たまごやき/common卵焼き · 玉子焼き · たまご焼き · 卵焼 · 玉子焼
  • noun:
    1. fried eggs;  omelet;  omelette
たまごどんぶり/tamagodonburi/ tamagodonburi/たまごどんぶり/玉子丼
  • noun:
    1. bowl of rice topped with boiled eggs
たまごにめはな/tamagonimehana/ tamagonimehana/たまごにめはな/卵に目鼻 · 玉子に目鼻
  • expression:
    1. cute, white, oval face (appearing as if someone glued eyes and a nose on an egg)  —Obscure term.
たまごとじ/tamagotoji/ tamagotoji/たまごとじ/卵とじ · 玉子とじ · 卵綴じ · 玉子綴じ · 卵綴irregular
  • noun:
    1. soup or stew over which a beaten egg is poured before serving;  egg-bound soup;  —Food term.



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