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かめ/kame/common kame/かめ/common ·
みか/mika/ mika/みか/
みかわ/mikawa/ mikawa/みかわ/ · 甕わ
  • noun:
    1. large earthenware pot (for brewing sake)  —Archaism.
たしらか/tashiraka/ tashiraka/たしらか/
  • noun:
    1. fired earthenware vessel used by the emperor to clean his hands  —Archaism.
もたい/motai/ motai/もたい/ ·
/he/ he//
  • noun:
    1. earthenware vessel for alcoholic beverages, etc.  —Archaism.

オウ/Ō/    かめ/kame/    みか/mika/OU/オウ/    kame/かめ/    mika/みか/

jar;  jug;  vat

みずがめ/mizugame/common mizugame/みずがめ/common水瓶 · 水がめ · 水甕
さかがめ/sakagame/ · さけがめ/sakegame/ sakagame/さかがめ/ · sakegame/さけがめ/酒甕
  • noun:
    1. sake jug  —Archaism.
ようさい/yousai/ · ヨウサイ/YOUSAI/ yousai/ようさい/ · YOUSAI/ヨウサイ/雍菜 · 甕菜
  • noun:
    1. swamp morning glory (Ipomoea aquatica);  water spinach;  kangkong;  —Usually written using kana alone.
りょうが/ryouga/ · りゅうが/ryuuga/ ryouga/りょうが/ · ryuuga/りゅうが/竜駕 · 龍甕irregular
  • noun:
    1. imperial carriage
かめかん/kamekan/ kamekan/かめかん/甕棺
  • noun:
    1. burial urn (often two-storey);  funerary urn
ずしがめ/zushigame/ zushigame/ずしがめ/厨子甕
  • noun:
    1. decorated pottery container for storing the bones of one's ancestors (Okinawa)  —Called じ〜しか〜み or じ〜しが〜み in Okinawa.   厨子[3]


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