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かんろ/kanro/common kanro/かんろ/common甘露
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. nectar;  sweetness

カン/KAN/    あま.い/ama.i/    あま.える/ama.eru/    あま.やかす/ama.yakasu/    うま.い/uma.i/KAN/カン/    ama.i/あま.い/    ama.eru/あま.える/    ama.yakasu/あま.やかす/    uma.i/うま.い/

sweet;  coax;  pamper;  be content;  sugary

/RO/    ロウ//    つゆ/tsuyu/RO//    ROU/ロウ/    tsuyu/つゆ/

dew;  tears;  expose;  Russia

かんろに/kanroni/ kanroni/かんろに/甘露煮
  • noun:
    1. candied (chestnuts)
    2. sweetened boiled fish



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