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/ta/common ta//common
  • noun:
    1. rice field

デン/DEN/    /ta/DEN/デン/    ta//

rice field;  rice paddy

じょうでん/jouden/common jouden/じょうでん/common上田
  • noun:
    1. high rice field;  very fertile rice field
すいでん/suiden/common suiden/すいでん/common水田
  • noun:
    1. (water-filled) paddy field
つる/tsuru/common tsuru/つる/common
たず/tazu/ · ツル/TSURU/ tazu/たず/ · TSURU/ツル/ · 田鶴
ゆでん/yuden/common yuden/ゆでん/common油田
そうでん/souden/common souden/そうでん/common桑田
  • noun:
    1. mulberry plantation
いなか/inaka/commonmeaning reading inaka/いなか/commonmeaning reading田舎
でんえん/den'en/common · でんおん/den'on/obsolete den'en/でんえん/common · den'on/でんおん/obsolete田園 · 田苑
たはた/tahata/common · でんぱた/denpata/ · たはたけ/tahatake/ tahata/たはた/common · denpata/でんぱた/ · tahatake/たはたけ/田畑 · 田畠
  • noun:
    1. fields (of rice and other crops)
たうえ/taue/common taue/たうえ/common田植え · 田植
  • noun:
    1. rice planting
おでん/oden/common oden/おでん/common御田
  • noun:
    1. oden;  dish of various ingredients, e.g. egg, daikon, potato, chikuwa, konnyaku, etc. stewed in soy-flavored dashi;  —Food term.  Usually written using kana alone.
たんぼ/tanbo/common tanbo/たんぼ/common田んぼ · 田圃 · 田ぼ · 田畝
でんぽ/denpo/ denpo/でんぽ/田圃 · 田畝
ひょうでん/hyouden/common hyouden/ひょうでん/common票田
  • noun:
    1. (favorable voting) constituency (favourable)
しんでん/shinden/common · あらた/arata/ shinden/しんでん/common · arata/あらた/新田
  • noun:
    1. new rice field;  newly developed rice field
    2. wasteland or marshland newly reclaimed as a rice field (Edo period)
あおたがい/aotagai/common aotagai/あおたがい/common青田買い
  • noun:
    1. speculatively buying a rice harvest, while the fields are still green
    2. recruiting of students before a company is allowed to
いなだ/inada/common inada/いなだ/common稲田
  • noun:
    1. paddy field;  rice field
えんでん/enden/common enden/えんでん/common塩田
  • noun:
    1. saltpan;  field for drying salt
たんでん/tanden/common tanden/たんでん/common炭田
  • noun:
    1. coalfield;  coal field
はんだ/handa/common · ハンダ/HANDA/ handa/はんだ/common · HANDA/ハンダ/半田
  • noun:
    1. solder;  pewter
さなだ/sanada/common sanada/さなだ/common真田
  • noun:
    1. plait;  braid
ぬまた/numata/common · ぬまだ/numada/ numata/ぬまた/common · numada/ぬまだ/沼田
  • noun:
    1. marshy rice field or paddy
でんえんとし/den'entoshi/common den'entoshi/でんえんとし/common田園都市
  • noun:
    1. rural or garden city
げでん/geden/common geden/げでん/common下田
  • noun:
    1. worn-out rice land
かたいなか/katainaka/common katainaka/かたいなか/common片田舎
  • noun:
    1. back country;  remote countryside
でんがく/dengaku/common dengaku/でんがく/common田楽
  • noun:
    1. ritual music and dancing in shrines and temples
    2. rice dance;  rice festival
    3. tofu (or fish, etc.) baked and coated with miso  —Abbreviation.   田楽焼き
    4. turning something in the manner one would use to cook dengaku-doufu on both sides  —Abbreviation.   田楽返し

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