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ちょうちょう/chouchou/common chouchou/ちょうちょう/common町長
  • noun:
    1. town headman;  town mayor
ちょうない/chounai/common chounai/ちょうない/common町内
  • noun:
    1. neighborhood;  neighbourhood;  street;  block;  town
ちょうそん/chouson/common chouson/ちょうそん/common町村
  • noun:
    1. towns and villages
ちょうみん/choumin/common choumin/ちょうみん/common町民
まちかど/machikado/common machikado/まちかど/common街角 · 町角
まちなみ/machinami/common machinami/まちなみ/common町並み · 町並 · 街並み · 街並
まちなか/machinaka/common machinaka/まちなか/common町中 · 街中
ちょうかい/choukai/common choukai/ちょうかい/common町会
  • noun:
    1. town council
ちょうにん/chounin/common chounin/ちょうにん/common町人
  • noun:
    1. merchant
ちょうめい/choumei/common choumei/ちょうめい/common町名
  • noun:
    1. name of a town or street
まちや/machiya/common machiya/まちや/common町家 · 町屋
ちょうか/chouka/ chouka/ちょうか/町家
  • noun:
    1. townhouse (i.e. house in the middle of a town);  traditional townhouse
    2. tradesman's house (esp. a home with a shop in front);  merchant's house;  merchant's family
ちょうせい/chousei/common chousei/ちょうせい/common町制 · 町政
  • noun:
    1. town organization;  town organisation;  town administration
ちょうぶ/choubu/ choubu/ちょうぶ/町歩
  • noun:
    1. hectare (2.471 acres)
ちょうりつ/chouritsu/ chouritsu/ちょうりつ/町立
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. established by the town
まちすじ/machisuji/ machisuji/まちすじ/町筋
  • noun:
    1. street
まちかた/machikata/ machikata/まちかた/町方
  • noun:
    1. town
まちじゅう/machijuu/ machijuu/まちじゅう/町中 · 街中
ちょういし/chouishi/ chouishi/ちょういし/町石 · 丁石
  • noun:
    1. roadside stone distance indicators placed at intervals of one cho (approx. 109 meters)   ちょう【町】[3]
まちしゅう/machishuu/ machishuu/まちしゅう/町衆
  • noun:
    1. important local businessemen (in the Muromachi period);  local leaders;  —Archaism.
まちやっこ/machiyakko/ machiyakko/まちやっこ/町奴
  • noun:
    1. persons organized into gangs and wearing flashy clothes, who styled themselves as "chivalrous men" (Edo period)   男伊達[1]
まちむすめ/machimusume/ machimusume/まちむすめ/町娘
  • noun:
    1. town girl;  girl raised in a town;  —Obscure term.
まちゆ/machiyu/ machiyu/まちゆ/町湯
  • noun:
    1. public bath located in a city or town
ちょういき/chouiki/ chouiki/ちょういき/町域
  • noun:
    1. most specific part of an address (postal term);  neighbourhood
ちょうえい/chouei/ chouei/ちょうえい/町営
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. town management;  municipal management
ちょうぎ/chougi/ chougi/ちょうぎ/町議
  • noun:
    1. town councillor;  town council member;  —Abbreviation.   町議会議員

チョウ/CHŌ/    まち/machi/CHOU/チョウ/    machi/まち/

town;  village;  block;  street

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