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Showing entries with nouns only.
ぎもん/gimon/common gimon/ぎもん/common疑問

/GI/    うたが.う/utaga.u/GI//    utaga.u/うたが.う/

doubt;  distrust;  be suspicious;  question

モン/MON/    と.う/to.u/    と.い/to.i/    とん/ton/MON/モン/    to.u/と.う/    to.i/と.い/    ton/とん/

question;  ask;  problem

ぎもんてん/gimonten/common gimonten/ぎもんてん/common疑問点
  • noun:
    1. point of uncertainty;  unclarified issue;  doubt
ぎもんふ/gimonfu/common gimonfu/ぎもんふ/common疑問符
ぎもんし/gimonshi/ gimonshi/ぎもんし/疑問詞
  • noun:
    1. interrogative word  —Linguistics term.
ぎもんだいめいし/gimondaimeishi/ gimondaimeishi/ぎもんだいめいし/疑問代名詞
  • noun:
    1. interrogative pronoun  —Linguistics term.
ぎもんぶん/gimonbun/ gimonbun/ぎもんぶん/疑問文
ぎもんひょう/gimonhyou/ gimonhyou/ぎもんひょう/疑問票
  • noun:
    1. disputed ballot
ぎもんひょうかい/gimonhyoukai/ gimonhyoukai/ぎもんひょうかい/疑問氷解
  • noun:
    1. one's doubts being cleared away (dispelled, resolved)
ぎもんし/gimonshi/ gimonshi/ぎもんし/疑問視
ぎもんのかいけつ/gimonnokaiketsu/ gimonnokaiketsu/ぎもんのかいけつ/疑問の解決
  • noun:
    1. problem solution  —IT term.



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