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やっぱり/yappari/common yappari/やっぱり/common矢っ張り
やはり/yahari/common yahari/やはり/common矢張り
やっぱ/yappa/ yappa/やっぱ/矢っ張
やっぱし/yappashi/ yappashi/やっぱし/矢っ張し
やたらに/yatarani/common yatarani/やたらに/common矢鱈に
やさき/yasaki/common yasaki/やさき/common矢先
やおもて/yaomote/common yaomote/やおもて/common矢面
やじるし/yajirushi/common yajirushi/やじるし/common矢印 · · · ·
やつぎばや/yatsugibaya/common yatsugibaya/やつぎばや/common矢継早 · 矢継ぎ早
やぐら/yagura/common yagura/やぐら/common · 矢倉
  • noun:
    1. turret;  watchtower
    2. high wooden stage;  scaffolding
    3. wooden frame (of a kotatsu)   炬燵
    4. weapons storehouse  —Archaism.
やたら/yatara/ yatara/やたら/矢鱈phonetic reading
やおもてにたつ/yaomotenitatsu/ yaomotenitatsu/やおもてにたつ/矢面に立つ
  • expression / godan つ verb → conjugation:
    1. to bear the full brunt of
やさきに/yasakini/ yasakini/やさきに/矢先に
やがら/yagara/ yagara/やがら/矢柄 · 矢幹 · 矢がら · outdated
  • noun:
    1. shaft of an arrow (usu. made of thin bamboo)
    2. cornetfish  —Usually written using kana alone.
やさけび/yasakebi/ · やたけび/yatakebi/ yasakebi/やさけび/ · yatakebi/やたけび/矢叫び
  • noun:
    1. yell made by archers when firing a volley of arrows;  yell which opens a battle
やばね/yabane/ yabane/やばね/矢羽 · 矢羽根
  • noun:
    1. arrow feathers
やぶみ/yabumi/ yabumi/やぶみ/矢文
  • noun:
    1. letter affixed to an arrow
やだま/yadama/ yadama/やだま/矢玉 · 矢弾
  • noun:
    1. ammunition;  arrows and bullets;  missile;  projectile
やたて/yatate/ yatate/やたて/矢立て
  • noun:
    1. portable brush-and-ink case
やらい/yarai/ yarai/やらい/矢来
  • noun:
    1. rough fence of bamboo, logs, etc. constructed at battle sites or execution grounds
やがすり/yagasuri/ yagasuri/やがすり/矢飛白 · 矢絣
  • noun:
    1. pattern resembling that of arrow feathers
やにわに/yaniwani/ yaniwani/やにわに/矢庭に · 矢場に
  • adverb:
    1. suddenly;  instantly
やば/yaba/ yaba/やば/矢場
  • noun:
    1. archery range
    2. brothel (covering up as an archery range)   楊弓場
やはず/yahazu/ yahazu/やはず/矢筈
  • noun:
    1. nock of an arrow
    2. forked tool used for hanging scrolls
やづつ/yadutsu/ yadutsu/やづつ/矢筒
  • noun:
    1. a quiver
やだね/yadane/ yadane/やだね/矢種
  • noun:
    1. one's supply of arrows
やぐるまそう/yagurumasou/ yagurumasou/やぐるまそう/矢車草
  • noun:
    1. Roger's bronze leaf
やっとこ/yattoko/ yattoko/やっとこ/ · 矢床

/SHI/    /ya/SHI//    ya//

dart;  arrow

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