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ちえぶくろ/chiebukuro/common chiebukuro/ちえぶくろ/common知恵袋
  • noun:
    1. bag full of wisdom;  bag containing all the world's wisdom
    2. person who is a fountain of wisdom;  brains (of a company)

/CHI/    し.る/    し.らせる/shi.raseru/CHI//し.る/    shi.raseru/し.らせる/

know;  wisdom

ケイ/KEI/    /E/    めぐ.む/    めぐ.み/megu.mi/KEI/ケイ/    E//めぐ.む/    megu.mi/めぐ.み/

favor;  blessing;  grace;  kindness

タイ/TAI/    ダイ/DAI/    ふくろ/fukuro/TAI/タイ/    DAI/ダイ/    fukuro/ふくろ/

sack;  bag;  pouch



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