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そふ/sofu/common · じじ/jiji/ · じい/jii/ · おおじ/ooji/ · おじ/oji/ · そぶ/sobu/obsolete sofu/そふ/common · jiji/じじ/ · jii/じい/ · ooji/おおじ/ · oji/おじ/ · sobu/そぶ/obsolete祖父


ancestor;  pioneer;  founder

/FU/    ちち/chichi/FU//    chichi/ちち/


じいさん/jiisan/common jiisan/じいさん/common爺さん · 祖父さん
そふぼ/sofubo/common sofubo/そふぼ/common祖父母
じいちゃん/jiichan/ jiichan/じいちゃん/爺ちゃん · 祖父ちゃん
  • noun:
    1. grandfather (may be used after name as honorific)  —Familiar language.  Usu. 祖父ちゃん.   祖父さん
    2. male senior-citizen (may be used after name as honorific)  —Usu. 爺ちゃん.



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