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てんぴん/tenpin/ tenpin/てんぴん/天稟
  • noun:
    1. natural talents
りんぎしょ/ringisho/ ringisho/りんぎしょ/禀議書 · 稟議書
  • noun:
    1. draft plan circulated to obtain permission (draught)
りんせい/rinsei/ rinsei/りんせい/禀請 · 稟請
  • noun:
    1. petition
りんぎ/ringi/ · ひんぎ/hingi/ ringi/りんぎ/ · hingi/ひんぎ/稟議 · 禀議
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. reaching a decision by using a circular letter;  reaching a decision via a document circulated to all employees
ひんせい/hinsei/ hinsei/ひんせい/稟性
  • noun:
    1. inborn nature
ひんしつ/hinshitsu/ hinshitsu/ひんしつ/稟質
  • noun:
    1. inborn nature
りんぎせいど/ringiseido/ ringiseido/りんぎせいど/稟議制度
  • noun:
    1. the system in government offices and business corporations in which draft proposals are prepared by someone in charge of the matter and circulated for collective deliberation and final approval by particular (designated) officials or executives
きひん/kihin/ kihin/きひん/気稟
  • noun:
    1. innate character;  temperament;  disposition

リン/RIN/    ヒン/HIN/    こめぐら/komegura/RIN/リン/    HIN/ヒン/    komegura/こめぐら/

salary in rice


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