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かんがえる/kangaeru/common kangaeru/かんがえる/common考える · 勘える · 稽える
けいこ/keiko/common keiko/けいこ/common稽古
こっけい/kokkei/common kokkei/こっけい/common滑稽
こうとうむけい/koutoumukei/common koutoumukei/こうとうむけい/common荒唐無稽
したげいこ/shitageiko/ shitageiko/したげいこ/下稽古
  • noun:
    1. rehearsal;  preparation
こっけいぼん/kokkeibon/ kokkeibon/こっけいぼん/滑稽本
  • noun:
    1. comic novel (Edo period)
でげいこ/degeiko/ degeiko/でげいこ/出稽古
  • noun:
    1. giving lessons at pupils' homes
    2. going to train in stable other than your own  —Sumo term.
だいげいこ/daigeiko/ daigeiko/だいげいこ/代稽古
  • noun:
    1. substitute teaching
あさげいこ/asageiko/ asageiko/あさげいこ/朝稽古
  • noun:
    1. early-morning practice
おどけもの/odokemono/ odokemono/おどけもの/滑稽者 · 戯け者 · 戲け者outdated
たわけもの/tawakemono/ tawakemono/たわけもの/戯け者 · たわけ者 · 白痴者 · 戲け者outdated · 白癡者outdated
  • noun:
    1. idiot;  dummy;  joker;  fool;  trickster
むけい/mukei/ mukei/むけい/無稽
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. unsupported;  unfounded;  nonsense
ぶたいげいこ/butaigeiko/ butaigeiko/ぶたいげいこ/舞台稽古
  • noun:
    1. dress rehearsal
かんげいこ/kangeiko/ kangeiko/かんげいこ/寒稽古
  • noun:
    1. mid-winter training
けいこだい/keikodai/ keikodai/けいこだい/稽古台
  • noun:
    1. training partner
    2. training hall (esp. one made of wooden planks and used for dancing practice)
けいこごと/keikogoto/ keikogoto/けいこごと/稽古事
  • noun:
    1. accomplishments;  taking lessons (dance, music, tea ceremony, flower arranging, etc.)
けいこぎ/keikogi/ keikogi/けいこぎ/稽古着
  • noun:
    1. training clothes (judo, kendo, etc.);  practice suit
けいしゅ/keishu/ keishu/けいしゅ/稽首
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. bowing to the floor
たちげいこ/tachigeiko/ tachigeiko/たちげいこ/立ち稽古 · 立稽古
  • noun:
    1. rehearsal
こっけいみがある/kokkeimigaaru/ kokkeimigaaru/こっけいみがある/滑稽味が有る
  • expression:
    1. tinged with humor (humour)
けいこば/keikoba/ keikoba/けいこば/稽古場
けいこび/keikobi/ keikobi/けいこび/稽古日
  • noun:
    1. day for one's lesson
よこづなけいこ/yokodunakeiko/ yokodunakeiko/よこづなけいこ/横綱稽古
  • noun:
    1. practice session where grand champion is present (practise)  —Sumo term.
やまげいこ/yamageiko/ yamageiko/やまげいこ/山稽古
  • noun:
    1. outdoor practice (practise)  —Sumo term.
さんばんげいこ/sanbangeiko/ sanbangeiko/さんばんげいこ/三番稽古
  • noun:
    1. a row of training matches with the same opponent  —Sumo term.
けいこばけいひ/keikobakeihi/ keikobakeihi/けいこばけいひ/稽古場経費
  • noun:
    1. allowance paid by the Sumo Association to a coach for each wrestler in his stable  —Sumo term.

ケイ/KEI/    かんが.える/kanga.eru/    とど.める/todo.meru/KEI/ケイ/    kanga.eru/かんが.える/    todo.meru/とど.める/

think;  consider

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