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くぼみ/kubomi/common kubomi/くぼみ/common凹み · 窪み
へこみ/hekomi/common hekomi/へこみ/common凹み
えくぼ/ekubo/common ekubo/えくぼ/common · 笑窪
くぼたまり/kubotamari/ kubotamari/くぼたまり/凹溜まり · 窪溜まり
  • noun:
    1. hollow;  pond in a hollow
くぼむ/kubomu/ kubomu/くぼむ/窪む · 凹む
おうち/ouchi/ ouchi/おうち/凹地
くぼち/kubochi/ kubochi/くぼち/凹地 · 窪地 · くぼ地
  • noun:
    1. pit;  hollow;  basin;  depression
ぼんのくぼ/bonnokubo/ bonnokubo/ぼんのくぼ/盆の窪
  • noun:
    1. hollow at nape of the neck
おちくぼむ/ochikubomu/ ochikubomu/おちくぼむ/落ち窪む
  • godan む verb → conjugation:
    1. to sink in;  to cave in
かたえくぼ/kataekubo/ kataekubo/かたえくぼ/片笑窪
  • noun:
    1. dimple on one cheek

/WA/    /A/    くぼ.む/    くぼ.み/kubo.mi/    くぼ.まる/kubo.maru/    くぼ/kubo/WA//    A//くぼ.む/    kubo.mi/くぼ.み/    kubo.maru/くぼ.まる/    kubo/くぼ/

depression;  cave in;  sink;  become hollow


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