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せつぶん/setsubun/common · せちぶん/sechibun/obsolete · せちぶ/sechibu/obsolete setsubun/せつぶん/common · sechibun/せちぶん/obsolete · sechibu/せちぶ/obsolete節分
  • noun:
    1. last day of winter in the traditional Japanese calendar (usually February 3 or 4);  holiday for end of winter (accompanied by a bean scattering ceremony)
    2. last day of any season (according to the traditional Japanese calendar)  —Original meaning.

セツ/SETSU/    セチ/SECHI/    ふし/fushi/    -ぶし/-bushi/    のっと/notto/SETSU/セツ/    SECHI/セチ/    fushi/ふし/    -bushi/-ぶし/    notto/のっと/

node;  season;  period;  occasion;  verse;  clause;  stanza;  honor;  joint;  knuckle;  knob;  knot;  tune;  melody

ブン/BUN/    フン/FUN/    /BU/    わ.ける/wa.keru/    わ.け/    わ.かれる/wa.kareru/    わ.かる/wa.karu/    わ.かつ/wa.katsu/BUN/ブン/    FUN/フン/    BU//    wa.keru/わ.ける/わ.け/    wa.kareru/わ.かれる/    wa.karu/わ.かる/    wa.katsu/わ.かつ/

part;  minute of time;  segment;  share;  degree;  one's lot;  duty;  understand;  know;  rate;  1%;  chances;  shaku/100



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