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/e/common e//common · irregular

カイ/KAI/    /E/KAI/カイ/    E//

picture;  drawing;  painting;  sketch

かいが/kaiga/common kaiga/かいが/common絵画
えほん/ehon/common ehon/えほん/common絵本
にがおえ/nigaoe/common nigaoe/にがおえ/common似顔絵 · 似顔画irregular
  • noun:
    1. portrait;  likeness
えはがき/ehagaki/common ehagaki/えはがき/common絵はがき · 絵葉書 · 絵端書
えのぐ/enogu/common enogu/えのぐ/common絵の具 · 絵具
あぶらえ/aburae/common aburae/あぶらえ/common油絵
うきよえ/ukiyoe/common ukiyoe/うきよえ/common浮世絵
  • noun:
    1. ukiyoe (color print of everyday life in the Edo period) (colour)
さしえ/sashie/common sashie/さしえ/common挿絵 · 挿し絵
ふみえ/fumie/common fumie/ふみえ/common踏み絵 · 踏絵
  • noun:
    1. tablet bearing Christian images, on which Edo-period authorities forced suspected Christians to trample
えまき/emaki/common emaki/えまき/common絵巻
  • noun:
    1. picture scroll
えがら/egara/common egara/えがら/common絵柄
  • noun:
    1. pattern;  design
えふで/efude/common efude/えふで/common絵筆
えず/ezu/common ezu/えず/common絵図
  • noun:
    1. illustration;  drawing
したえ/shitae/common shitae/したえ/common下絵
  • noun:
    1. rough sketch;  cartoon;  design
えま/ema/common · えうま/euma/ ema/えま/common · euma/えうま/絵馬
  • noun:
    1. votive picture (originally of horse)
えし/eshi/common eshi/えし/common画師 · 絵師
がし/gashi/ gashi/がし/画師
  • noun:
    1. painter;  artist;  painter supported by patron
まきえ/makie/common makie/まきえ/common蒔絵
  • noun:
    1. gold or silver lacquer;  lacquer decoration sprinkled with metal powder
かげえ/kagee/common kagee/かげえ/common影絵
  • noun:
    1. shadow picture
えまきもの/emakimono/common emakimono/えまきもの/common絵巻物
  • noun:
    1. picture scroll
にしきえ/nishikie/common nishikie/にしきえ/common錦絵
  • noun:
    1. colour (woodblock) print;  color print
すみえ/sumie/common sumie/すみえ/common墨絵
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. ink painting
えいり/eiri/common eiri/えいり/common絵入り
  • noun with genitive case particle の / noun:
    1. illustrated;  pictorial
あぶらえのぐ/aburaenogu/common aburaenogu/あぶらえのぐ/common油絵の具 · 油絵具
えそらごと/esoragoto/common esoragoto/えそらごと/common絵空事 · 絵空言irregular
  • noun:
    1. fabrication;  pipe dream

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