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Showing entries with nouns only.
ぜつめつ/zetsumetsu/common zetsumetsu/ぜつめつ/common絶滅

ゼツ/ZETSU/    た.える/ta.eru/    た.やす/ta.yasu/    た.つ/ta.tsu/ZETSU/ゼツ/    ta.eru/た.える/    ta.yasu/た.やす/    ta.tsu/た.つ/

discontinue;  beyond;  sever;  cut off;  abstain;  interrupt;  suppress

メツ/METSU/    ほろ.びる/horo.biru/    ほろ.ぶ/horo.bu/    ほろ.ぼす/horo.bosu/METSU/メツ/    horo.biru/ほろ.びる/    horo.bu/ほろ.ぶ/    horo.bosu/ほろ.ぼす/

destroy;  ruin;  overthrow;  perish

ぜつめつきぐしゅ/zetsumetsukigushu/ zetsumetsukigushu/ぜつめつきぐしゅ/絶滅危惧種
  • noun:
    1. endangered species
ぜつめつしゅ/zetsumetsushu/ zetsumetsushu/ぜつめつしゅ/絶滅種
  • noun:
    1. extinct species
ぜつめつすんぜん/zetsumetsusunzen/ zetsumetsusunzen/ぜつめつすんぜん/絶滅寸前
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. critical endangerment;  verge of extinction
ぜつめつきき/zetsumetsukiki/ zetsumetsukiki/ぜつめつきき/絶滅危機
  • noun:
    1. endangerment (of a species)
ぜつめつきぐ/zetsumetsukigu/ zetsumetsukigu/ぜつめつきぐ/絶滅危惧
  • noun with genitive case particle の / noun:
    1. threatened (species);  endangered
ぜつめつきけんしゅ/zetsumetsukikenshu/ zetsumetsukikenshu/ぜつめつきけんしゅ/絶滅危険種



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