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きんちょう/kinchou/common kinchou/きんちょう/common緊張

キン/KIN/    し.める/shi.meru/    し.まる/shi.maru/KIN/キン/    shi.meru/し.める/    shi.maru/し.まる/

tense;  solid;  hard;  reliable;  tight

チョウ/CHŌ/    は.る/    -は.り/-ha.ri/    -ば.り/-ba.ri/CHOU/チョウ/は.る/    -ha.ri/-は.り/    -ba.ri/-ば.り/

lengthen;  counter for bows & stringed instruments;  stretch;  spread;  put up (tent)

きんちょうかんわ/kinchoukanwa/ kinchoukanwa/きんちょうかんわ/緊張緩和
きんちょうかん/kinchoukan/ kinchoukan/きんちょうかん/緊張感
  • noun:
    1. feeling of tension;  air of tension;  tension;  nervousness
きんちょうびょう/kinchoubyou/ kinchoubyou/きんちょうびょう/緊張病
  • noun:
    1. catatonia
きんちょうかんけい/kinchoukankei/ kinchoukankei/きんちょうかんけい/緊張関係
  • noun:
    1. tense relationship;  tense relations;  strained relations;  strained ties;  tension
きんちょうげきか/kinchougekika/ kinchougekika/きんちょうげきか/緊張激化
  • noun:
    1. heightened tension;  intensification of tension



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