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はなびら/hanabira/common hanabira/はなびら/common花弁 · 花びら
かべん/kaben/ kaben/かべん/花弁 · 花瓣outdated

/KA/    /KE/    はな/hana/KA//    KE//    hana/はな/


はなびらもち/hanabiramochi/ hanabiramochi/はなびらもち/花びら餅 · 花弁餅 · 葩餅
  • noun:
    1. sweet burdock and miso-bean paste covered with a thin layer of mochi
はなびらかいてん/hanabirakaiten/ hanabirakaiten/はなびらかいてん/花びら回転
  • noun:
    1. prostitution in which services are provided by several women in rotation (esp. in "pink salons")   ピンクサロン



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