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さどう/sadou/common · ちゃどう/chadou/commonobsolete sadou/さどう/common · chadou/ちゃどう/commonobsolete茶道
ちゃいろ/chairo/common chairo/ちゃいろ/common茶色 · ちゃ色 · 茶いろ
ちゃのま/chanoma/common chanoma/ちゃのま/common茶の間
  • noun:
    1. living room (Japanese-style)
ちゃわん/chawan/common chawan/ちゃわん/common茶わん · 茶碗
ちゃや/chaya/common chaya/ちゃや/common茶屋
  • noun:
    1. tea house;  tea dealer
ちゃばん/chaban/common chaban/ちゃばん/common茶番
ちゃかい/chakai/common chakai/ちゃかい/common茶会
  • noun:
    1. tea party (formal)
ちゃしつ/chashitsu/common chashitsu/ちゃしつ/common茶室
  • noun:
    1. tea arbour;  tea arbor;  tearoom
ちゃづけ/chaduke/common chaduke/ちゃづけ/common茶漬け · 茶漬
  • noun:
    1. rice with tea poured on it (Japanese dish)
ちゃかっしょく/chakasshoku/common chakasshoku/ちゃかっしょく/common茶褐色
  • noun:
    1. dark reddish-brown;  liver color
ちゃのゆ/chanoyu/common chanoyu/ちゃのゆ/common茶の湯
  • noun:
    1. tea ceremony
さてん/saten/ · ちゃみせ/chamise/common saten/さてん/ · chamise/ちゃみせ/common茶店
  • noun:
    1. tea house
ちゃきん/chakin/ chakin/ちゃきん/茶巾 · 茶きん
  • noun:
    1. tea cloth;  tea napkin
ちゃせん/chasen/ chasen/ちゃせん/茶筅 · 茶せん · 茶筌
  • noun:
    1. tea whisk;  bamboo whisk for making Japanese tea
    2. hair style where the hair is tied up in a bundle on the back of the head (resembling the shape of a tea whisk)
ちゃかす/chakasu/ chakasu/ちゃかす/茶化す
  • godan す verb → conjugation:
    1. to poke fun at;  to make fun of;  to send up
ちゃか/chaka/ · さか/saka/ chaka/ちゃか/ · saka/さか/茶菓
  • noun:
    1. tea and cakes or sweets;  refreshments
ちゃがし/chagashi/ chagashi/ちゃがし/茶菓子
  • noun:
    1. tea cakes
ちゃき/chaki/ chaki/ちゃき/茶器
  • noun:
    1. tea utensils
    2. container for powdered green tea (tea ceremony)
ちゃしゃく/chashaku/ chashaku/ちゃしゃく/茶杓
  • noun:
    1. bamboo tea spoon for making Japanese tea
ちゃぶくろ/chabukuro/ chabukuro/ちゃぶくろ/茶袋
  • noun:
    1. teabag
ちゃばしら/chabashira/ chabashira/ちゃばしら/茶柱
  • noun:
    1. auspicious sign (a tea stalk floating erect in one's cup)
ちゃつみ/chatsumi/ chatsumi/ちゃつみ/茶摘み
ちゃづつ/chadutsu/ chadutsu/ちゃづつ/茶筒
  • noun:
    1. tea caddy
ちゃどうぐ/chadougu/ chadougu/ちゃどうぐ/茶道具
ちゃばたけ/chabatake/ chabatake/ちゃばたけ/茶畑
  • noun:
    1. tea plantation

チャ/CHA/    /SA/CHA/チャ/    SA//


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