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ちょしょ/chosho/common chosho/ちょしょ/common著書

チョ/CHO/    チャク/CHAKU/    あらわ.す/    いちじる.しい/ichijiru.shii/CHO/チョ/    CHAKU/チャク/あらわ.す/    ichijiru.shii/いちじる.しい/

renowned;  publish;  write;  remarkable;  phenomenal;  put on;  don;  wear;  arrival;  finish (race);  counter for suits of clothing;  literary work

ショ/SHO/    か.く/ka.ku/    -が.き/    -がき/-gaki/SHO/ショ/    ka.ku/か.く/が.き/    -gaki/-がき/


ちょしょめい/choshomei/ choshomei/ちょしょめい/著書名
  • noun:
    1. title of a book;  title of a literary work



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