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じゅつご/jutsugo/common jutsugo/じゅつご/common術語
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. technical term;  terminology;  nomenclature
じゅつご/jutsugo/common jutsugo/じゅつご/common術後
  • noun with genitive case particle の / adverbial noun / temporal noun:
    1. postoperative
じゅっちゅう/jucchuu/common jucchuu/じゅっちゅう/common術中
じゅっさく/jussaku/ jussaku/じゅっさく/術策
じゅっけい/jukkei/ jukkei/じゅっけい/術計
  • noun:
    1. strategem;  trick
じゅっすう/jussuu/ jussuu/じゅっすう/術数
  • noun:
    1. strategem
じゅつをさずける/jutsuwosazukeru/ jutsuwosazukeru/じゅつをさずける/術を授ける
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to teach tricks to
じゅつをつかう/jutsuwotsukau/ jutsuwotsukau/じゅつをつかう/術を使う
  • expression / godan う verb → conjugation:
    1. to practice magic;  to practise magic
じゅつしゃ/jutsusha/ jutsusha/じゅつしゃ/術者
  • noun:
    1. practitioner (in medicine, art, etc.)
じゅつし/jutsushi/ jutsushi/じゅつし/術師
  • noun:
    1. technique user
じゅつぜん/jutsuzen/ jutsuzen/じゅつぜん/術前
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. preoperative (preparation, diagnosis, etc.)

ジュツ/JUTSU/    すべ/sube/JUTSU/ジュツ/    sube/すべ/

art;  technique;  skill;  means;  trick;  resources;  magic


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