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Showing entries with nouns only.
ひこく/hikoku/common hikoku/ひこく/common被告

/HI/    こうむ.る/kō    おお.う/ō.u/    かぶ.る/    かぶ.せる/kabu.seru/HI//こうむ.る/    oo.u/おお.う/かぶ.る/    kabu.seru/かぶ.せる/

incur;  cover;  veil;  brood over;  shelter;  wear;  put on;  be exposed (film);  receiving

コク/KOKU/    つ.げる/tsu.geru/KOKU/コク/    tsu.geru/つ.げる/

revelation;  tell;  inform;  announce

ひこくにん/hikokunin/common hikokunin/ひこくにん/common被告人
ひこくせき/hikokuseki/ hikokuseki/ひこくせき/被告席
  • noun:
    1. defendant's seat;  the dock
ひこくがわ/hikokugawa/ hikokugawa/ひこくがわ/被告側
  • noun:
    1. (the) defense



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