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えりをただす/eriwotadasu/ eriwotadasu/えりをただす/襟を正す
  • expression / godan す verb → conjugation:
    1. to straighten oneself;  to straighten one's clothes and one's posture;  to adopt a more serious attitude

キン/KIN/    えり/eri/KIN/キン/    eri/えり/

collar;  neck;  lapel

セイ/SEI/    ショウ/SHŌ/    ただ.しい/tada.shii/    ただ.す/    まさ/masa/    まさ.に/セイ/    SHOU/ショウ/    tada.shii/ただ.しい/ただ.す/    masa/まさ/まさ.に/

correct;  justice;  righteous;  10**40



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