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みまい/mimai/common mimai/みまい/common見舞い · 見舞

ケン/KEN/    み.る/    み.える/mi.eru/    み.せる/mi.seru/KEN/ケン/み.る/    mi.eru/み.える/    mi.seru/み.せる/

see;  hopes;  chances;  idea;  opinion;  look at;  visible

/BU/    ま.う/ma.u/    -ま.う/-ma.u/    まい/mai/BU//    ma.u/ま.う/    -ma.u/-ま.う/    mai/まい/

dance;  flit;  circle;  wheel

みまいじょう/mimaijou/ mimaijou/みまいじょう/見舞い状
  • noun:
    1. get-well card;  sympathy letter
みまいきん/mimaikin/ mimaikin/みまいきん/見舞い金
  • noun:
    1. (monetary) present to a person in distress
みまいひん/mimaihin/ mimaihin/みまいひん/見舞い品
  • noun:
    1. goods offered to a person in distress
みまいきゃく/mimaikyaku/ mimaikyaku/みまいきゃく/見舞い客
  • noun:
    1. a visitor to a sick or distressed person



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