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おやかた/oyakata/common · おやがた/oyagata/ oyakata/おやかた/common · oyagata/おやがた/親方
  • noun:
    1. おやかたmaster;  boss;  chief;  foreman;  supervisor;  —Honorific language 「尊敬語」.   こかた【子方】[2]
    2. おやかたstable master  —Sumo term.  Honorific language 「尊敬語」.
    3. おやかたcraftsman;  artisan;  —Honorific language 「尊敬語」.
    4. foster parent  —Archaism.

シン/SHIN/    おや/oya/    おや-/oya-/    した.しい/shita.shii/    した.しむ/shita.shimu/SHIN/シン/    oya/おや/    oya-/おや-/    shita.shii/した.しい/    shita.shimu/した.しむ/

parent;  intimacy;  relative;  familiarity;  dealer (cards)

ホウ//    かた/kata/    -かた/-kata/    -がた/-gata/HOU/ホウ/    kata/かた/    -kata/-かた/    -gata/-がた/

direction;  person;  alternative

おやかたひのまる/oyakatahinomaru/ oyakatahinomaru/おやかたひのまる/親方日の丸
  • noun:
    1. attitude that with the state as one's boss, normal fiscal accountability can be dispensed with;  dependence on the central government;  attitude of those who assume their jobs are safe because they are government employees
おやかたかぶ/oyakatakabu/ oyakatakabu/おやかたかぶ/親方株
  • noun:
    1. coach's name-use license (licence)  —Sumo term.



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