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Showing entries with nouns only.
しんさつ/shinsatsu/common shinsatsu/しんさつ/common診察

シン/SHIN/    み.る/シン/み.る/

checkup;  seeing;  diagnose;  examine


guess;  presume;  surmise;  judge;  understand

しんさつしつ/shinsatsushitsu/common shinsatsushitsu/しんさつしつ/common診察室
しんさつだい/shinsatsudai/ shinsatsudai/しんさつだい/診察台
しんさつりょう/shinsatsuryou/ shinsatsuryou/しんさつりょう/診察料
  • noun:
    1. consultation or doctor's fee
しんさつび/shinsatsubi/ shinsatsubi/しんさつび/診察日
  • noun:
    1. consultation day
しんさつけん/shinsatsuken/ shinsatsuken/しんさつけん/診察券



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