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かてい/katei/common katei/かてい/common課程


chapter;  lesson;  section;  department;  division;  counter for chapters (of a book)

テイ/TEI/    ほど/hodo/    -ほど/-hodo/TEI/テイ/    hodo/ほど/    -hodo/-ほど/

extent;  degree;  law;  formula;  distance;  limits;  amount

かていはかせ/kateihakase/ · かていはくし/kateihakushi/ kateihakase/かていはかせ/ · kateihakushi/かていはくし/課程博士
  • noun:
    1. doctoral degree (e.g. PhD) after completing a course of study   論文博士



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