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Showing entries with nouns only.
しもん/shimon/common shimon/しもん/common諮問

/SHI/    はか.る/はか.る/

consult with

モン/MON/    と.う/to.u/    と.い/to.i/    とん/ton/MON/モン/    to.u/と.う/    to.i/と.い/    ton/とん/

question;  ask;  problem

しもんきかん/shimonkikan/ shimonkikan/しもんきかん/諮問機関
  • noun:
    1. consultative body;  advisory committee;  advisory organ
しもんいいんかい/shimon'iinkai/ shimon'iinkai/しもんいいんかい/諮問委員会
  • noun:
    1. advisory committee (council, panel)
しもんじこう/shimonjikou/ shimonjikou/しもんじこう/諮問事項
  • noun:
    1. terms of reference



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