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Showing entries with nouns only.
しきじ/shikiji/ shikiji/しきじ/識字
  • noun:
    1. literacy

シキ/SHIKI/    し.る/    しる.す/シキ/し.る/しる.す/

discriminating;  know;  write

/JI/    あざ/aza/    あざな/azana/    -な/-na/JI//    aza/あざ/    azana/あざな/    -na/-な/

character;  letter;  word;  section of village

しきじりつ/shikijiritsu/common shikijiritsu/しきじりつ/common識字率
しきじきょういく/shikijikyouiku/ shikijikyouiku/しきじきょういく/識字教育
  • noun:
    1. literacy education



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