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しほん/shihon/common shihon/しほん/common資本


assets;  resources;  capital;  funds;  data;  be conducive to;  contribute to

ホン/HON/    もと/moto/HON/ホン/    moto/もと/

book;  present;  main;  origin;  true;  real;  counter for long cylindrical things

しほんしゅぎ/shihonshugi/common shihonshugi/しほんしゅぎ/common資本主義
しほんきん/shihonkin/common shihonkin/しほんきん/common資本金
しほんか/shihonka/common shihonka/しほんか/common資本家
しほんざい/shihonzai/common shihonzai/しほんざい/common資本財
  • noun:
    1. capital goods
しほんりえきりつ/shihonriekiritsu/ shihonriekiritsu/しほんりえきりつ/資本利益率
  • noun:
    1. return-on-investment ratio
しほんちゅうにゅう/shihonchuunyuu/ shihonchuunyuu/しほんちゅうにゅう/資本注入
  • noun:
    1. capital injection
しほんしゅぎしゃ/shihonshugisha/ shihonshugisha/しほんしゅぎしゃ/資本主義者
  • noun:
    1. a capitalist
しほんとりひき/shihontorihiki/ shihontorihiki/しほんとりひき/資本取引
  • noun:
    1. capital transaction
しほんりょく/shihonryoku/ shihonryoku/しほんりょく/資本力
  • noun:
    1. capital strength (of an enterprise)
しほんろん/shihonron/ shihonron/しほんろん/資本論
  • noun:
    1. Das Kapital;  Capital
しほんかんけい/shihonkankei/ shihonkankei/しほんかんけい/資本関係
  • noun:
    1. capital ties
しほんきばん/shihonkiban/ shihonkiban/しほんきばん/資本基盤
  • noun:
    1. capital base
しほんこうせい/shihonkousei/ shihonkousei/しほんこうせい/資本構成
  • noun:
    1. capital structure
しほんさいこうせい/shihonsaikousei/ shihonsaikousei/しほんさいこうせい/資本再構成
  • noun:
    1. recapitalization;  recapitalisation
しほんいちば/shihon'ichiba/ shihon'ichiba/しほんいちば/資本市場
  • noun:
    1. capital market
しほんししゅつ/shihonshishutsu/ shihonshishutsu/しほんししゅつ/資本支出
  • noun:
    1. capital outlay
しほんしゅぎしゃかい/shihonshugishakai/ shihonshugishakai/しほんしゅぎしゃかい/資本主義社会
  • noun:
    1. capitalist society
しほんていけい/shihonteikei/ shihonteikei/しほんていけい/資本提携
  • noun:
    1. capital tie-up;  capital alliance;  alliance with capital involvement
しほんとうし/shihontoushi/ shihontoushi/しほんとうし/資本投資
  • noun:
    1. capital investment
しほんとうひ/shihontouhi/ shihontouhi/しほんとうひ/資本逃避
  • noun:
    1. capital flight
しほんひりつ/shihonhiritsu/ shihonhiritsu/しほんひりつ/資本比率
  • noun:
    1. capital ratio
しほんりゅうしゅつ/shihonryuushutsu/ shihonryuushutsu/しほんりゅうしゅつ/資本流出
  • noun:
    1. capital outflow
しほんりとく/shihonritoku/ shihonritoku/しほんりとく/資本利得
  • noun:
    1. capital gain
しほんそんしつ/shihonsonshitsu/ shihonsonshitsu/しほんそんしつ/資本損失

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