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しげん/shigen/common shigen/しげん/common資源


assets;  resources;  capital;  funds;  data;  be conducive to;  contribute to

ゲン/GEN/    みなもと/minamoto/GEN/ゲン/    minamoto/みなもと/

source;  origin

しげんエネルギーちょう/shigen'ENERUGIIchou/common shigen'ENERUGIIchou/しげんエネルギーちょう/common資源エネルギー庁
  • noun:
    1. Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
しげんせつやく/shigensetsuyaku/ shigensetsuyaku/しげんせつやく/資源節約
  • noun:
    1. conservation of resources
しげんもんだい/shigenmondai/ shigenmondai/しげんもんだい/資源問題
  • noun:
    1. resources problem
しげんがいこう/shigengaikou/ shigengaikou/しげんがいこう/資源外交
  • noun:
    1. resources diplomacy
しげんごみ/shigengomi/ shigengomi/しげんごみ/資源ごみ
しげんゴミ/shigenGOMI/ shigenGOMI/しげんゴミ/資源ゴミ
  • noun:
    1. recyclable garbage;  recyclable waste
しげんかくほ/shigenkakuho/ shigenkakuho/しげんかくほ/資源確保
  • noun:
    1. securement of resources
しげんはいぶん/shigenhaibun/ shigenhaibun/しげんはいぶん/資源配分
  • noun:
    1. resource allocation
しげんわりふり/shigenwarifuri/ shigenwarifuri/しげんわりふり/資源割振り
  • noun:
    1. resource allocation  —IT term.
しげんかんり/shigenkanri/ shigenkanri/しげんかんり/資源管理
しげんきょうゆう/shigenkyouyuu/ shigenkyouyuu/しげんきょうゆう/資源共有
  • noun:
    1. resource sharing  —IT term.
しげんぶんぱい/shigenbunpai/ shigenbunpai/しげんぶんぱい/資源分配
  • noun:
    1. resource sharing  —IT term.
しげんぶんしょ/shigenbunsho/ shigenbunsho/しげんぶんしょ/資源文書
  • noun:
    1. resource document  —IT term.
しげんちょうかりじゅんぜい/shigenchoukarijunzei/ shigenchoukarijunzei/しげんちょうかりじゅんぜい/資源超過利潤税
  • noun:
    1. Resources Super Profits Tax;  RSPT
しげんかいはつ/shigenkaihatsu/ shigenkaihatsu/しげんかいはつ/資源開発
  • noun:
    1. resource development;  resource exploitation (usu. natural resources)



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