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にぎやか/nigiyaka/common nigiyaka/にぎやか/common賑やか
にぎわう/nigiwau/common nigiwau/にぎわう/common賑わう
にぎやかさ/nigiyakasa/ nigiyakasa/にぎやかさ/賑やかさ
  • noun:
    1. business;  liveliness
にぎわい/nigiwai/ nigiwai/にぎわい/賑わい
にぎわす/nigiwasu/ nigiwasu/にぎわす/賑わす
いんしん/inshin/ inshin/いんしん/殷賑
いんしんをきわめる/inshinwokiwameru/ inshinwokiwameru/いんしんをきわめる/殷賑を極める
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to enjoy prosperity
かれきもやまのにぎわい/karekimoyamanonigiwai/ karekimoyamanonigiwai/かれきもやまのにぎわい/枯れ木も山の賑わい
  • expression:
    1. half a loaf is better than none;  even a dead tree adds to the interest of a mountain
にぎあう/nigiau/ nigiau/にぎあう/賑あう
  • godan う verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to prosper;  to flourish;  to do thriving business;  to be crowded with people;  —Incorrect variant of 賑わう.   賑わう
にぎにぎしい/niginigishii/ niginigishii/にぎにぎしい/賑々しい · 賑賑しい
にぎやかす/nigiyakasu/ nigiyakasu/にぎやかす/賑やかす
  • godan す verb → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to make lively;  to make exciting

シン/SHIN/    にぎ.わい/nigi.wai/    にぎ.やか/nigi.yaka/    にぎ.わす/nigi.wasu/    にぎ.わう/nigi.wau/SHIN/シン/    nigi.wai/にぎ.わい/    nigi.yaka/にぎ.やか/    nigi.wasu/にぎ.わす/    nigi.wau/にぎ.わう/

flourish;  be bustling;  prosperity


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