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しっそ/shisso/common shisso/しっそ/common質素

シツ/SHITSU/    シチ/SHICHI/    /CHI/    たち/tachi/    ただ.す/    もと/moto/    わりふ/warifu/SHITSU/シツ/    SHICHI/シチ/    CHI//    tachi/たち/ただ.す/    moto/もと/    warifu/わりふ/

substance;  quality;  matter;  temperament

/SO/    /SU/    もと/moto/SO//    SU//    moto/もと/

elementary;  principle;  naked;  uncovered

しっそけんやく/shissoken'yaku/ shissoken'yaku/しっそけんやく/質素倹約
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. (practice) simplicity and frugality;  scrimping and saving



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