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あしをはこぶ/ashiwohakobu/ ashiwohakobu/あしをはこぶ/足を運ぶ
  • expression / godan ぶ verb → conjugation:
    1. to go;  to come;  to turn out (at a meeting, event, etc.);  to show up;  to make your way to

ソク/SOKU/    あし/ashi/    た.りる/ta.riru/    た.る/    た.す/ソク/    ashi/あし/    ta.riru/た.りる/た.る/た.す/

leg;  foot;  be sufficient;  counter for pairs of footwear

ウン/UN/    はこ.ぶ/hako.bu/UN/ウン/    hako.bu/はこ.ぶ/

carry;  luck;  destiny;  fate;  lot;  transport;  progress;  advance



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