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Showing entries with nouns only.
しゃりん/sharin/common sharin/しゃりん/common車輪

シャ/SHA/    くるま/kuruma/SHA/シャ/    kuruma/くるま/


リン/RIN/    /wa/RIN/リン/    wa//

wheel;  ring;  circle;  link;  loop;  counter for wheels and flowers

しゃりんせき/sharinseki/ sharinseki/しゃりんせき/車輪石
  • noun:
    1. circular stone or jasper ornament from the Kofun era
しゃりんどめ/sharindome/ sharindome/しゃりんどめ/車輪止め · 車輪止
  • noun:
    1. chock;  scotch



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