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じにん/jinin/common jinin/じにん/common辞任
じしょく/jishoku/common jishoku/じしょく/common辞職
じひょう/jihyou/common jihyou/じひょう/common辞表
じい/jii/common jii/じい/common辞意
じす/jisu/common jisu/じす/common辞す
じしょ/jisho/common jisho/じしょ/common辞書
じてん/jiten/common jiten/じてん/common辞典 · 辭典outdated
ことばてん/kotobaten/ kotobaten/ことばてん/辞典 · 辭典outdated · 言葉典 · ことば典
じたい/jitai/common jitai/じたい/common辞退
じれい/jirei/common jirei/じれい/common辞令
じりん/jirin/common jirin/じりん/common辞林
  • noun:
    1. dictionary
じせい/jisei/common jisei/じせい/common辞世
  • noun:
    1. passing away;  death
    2. death poem (poem written during one's final moments)
じきょ/jikyo/ jikyo/じきょ/辞去
じしょく/jishoku/ jishoku/じしょく/辞色
  • noun:
    1. one's speech and appearance
じへい/jihei/ jihei/じへい/辞柄
  • noun:
    1. pretext;  excuse
じい/jii/ jii/じい/辞彙
  • noun:
    1. dictionary
じぎ/jigi/ · じんぎ/jingi/obsolete jigi/じぎ/ · jingi/じんぎ/obsolete辞儀 · 辞宜 · 時儀outdated
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. (bowing and) greeting   お辞儀
    2. declining;  refusing;  —Archaism.
じじょう/jijou/ jijou/じじょう/辞譲
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. deferring to another

/JI/    や.める/ya.meru/    いな.む/    ya.meru/や.める/いな.む/

resign;  word;  term;  expression


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