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Showing entries with nouns only.
めいきゅう/meikyuu/common meikyuu/めいきゅう/common迷宮

メイ/MEI/    まよ.う/mayo.u/MEI/メイ/    mayo.u/まよ.う/

astray;  be perplexed;  in doubt;  lost;  err;  illusion

キュウ/KYŪ/    グウ//    /KU/    クウ//    みや/miya/KYUU/キュウ/    GUU/グウ/    KU//    KUU/クウ/    miya/みや/

Shinto shrine;  constellations;  palace;  princess

めいきゅういり/meikyuuiri/ meikyuuiri/めいきゅういり/迷宮入り
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. going unsolved;  unanswered;  unresolved;  deadend



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