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とおし/tooshi/common tooshi/とおし/common通し

ツウ/TSŪ/    /TSU/    とお.る/tō.ru/    とお.り/tō.ri/    -とお.り/-tō.ri/    -どお.り/-dō.ri/    とお.す/tō.su/    とお.し/tō.shi/    -どお.し/-dō.shi/    かよ.う/kayo.u/TSUU/ツウ/    TSU//とお.る/    too.ri/とお.り/    -too.ri/-とお.り/    -doo.ri/-どお.り/とお.す/    too.shi/とお.し/    -doo.shi/-どお.し/    kayo.u/かよ.う/

traffic;  pass through;  avenue;  commute;  counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.

とおしばんごう/tooshibangou/ tooshibangou/とおしばんごう/通し番号
  • noun:
    1. serial number;  consecutive number
とおしきっぷ/tooshikippu/ tooshikippu/とおしきっぷ/通し切符
とおしや/tooshiya/ tooshiya/とおしや/通し矢
  • noun:
    1. long-range archery
とおしきょうげん/tooshikyougen/ tooshikyougen/とおしきょうげん/通し狂言
  • noun:
    1. performance of an entire play
とおしげいこ/tooshigeiko/ tooshigeiko/とおしげいこ/通し稽古 · 通しげいこ
  • noun:
    1. full rehearsal;  dress rehearsal;  run-through
とおしけん/tooshiken/ tooshiken/とおしけん/通し券
  • noun:
    1. ticket good for multiple performances (e.g. a whole day, including matinee and evening performances);  season ticket;  through ticket;   通し切符[2]



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