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うんえい/un'ei/common un'ei/うんえい/common運営

ウン/UN/    はこ.ぶ/hako.bu/UN/ウン/    hako.bu/はこ.ぶ/

carry;  luck;  destiny;  fate;  lot;  transport;  progress;  advance

エイ/EI/    いとな.む/    いとな.み/itona.mi/EI/エイ/いとな.む/    itona.mi/いとな.み/

occupation;  camp;  perform;  build;  conduct (business)

うんえいしゃ/un'eisha/ un'eisha/うんえいしゃ/運営者
  • noun:
    1. manager;  administrator
うんえいいいんかい/un'eiiinkai/ un'eiiinkai/うんえいいいんかい/運営委員会
  • noun:
    1. steering committee
うんえいけいひ/un'eikeihi/ un'eikeihi/うんえいけいひ/運営経費
  • noun:
    1. operating expenses;  budget
うんえいひ/un'eihi/ un'eihi/うんえいひ/運営費
  • noun:
    1. operating expenses;  budget
うんえいしきん/un'eishikin/ un'eishikin/うんえいしきん/運営資金
  • noun:
    1. operating funds
うんえいじょう/un'eijou/ un'eijou/うんえいじょう/運営上
うんえいかんりかん/un'eikanrikan/ un'eikanrikan/うんえいかんりかん/運営管理官
  • noun:
    1. administrator (government)
うんえいがいしゃ/un'eigaisha/ un'eigaisha/うんえいがいしゃ/運営会社
  • noun:
    1. operating company



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