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Showing entries with prefixes only.
/ka/ ka//
  • prefix:
    1. surplus- (attaches to start of Sino-Japanese words);  excess-;  over-
    2. per- (chemical with more of a certain element than found in other compounds of the same constituents)

/KA/    す.ぎる/su.giru/    -す.ぎる/-su.giru/    -す.ぎ/    す.ごす/su.gosu/    あやま.つ/ayama.tsu/    あやま.ち/ayama.chi/    よ.ぎる/yo.giru/KA//    su.giru/す.ぎる/    -su.giru/-す.ぎる/す.ぎ/    su.gosu/す.ごす/    ayama.tsu/あやま.つ/    ayama.chi/あやま.ち/    yo.giru/よ.ぎる/

overdo;  exceed;  go beyond;  error

むろか/muroka/ muroka/むろか/無濾過
  • noun used as a prefix / noun:
    1. unfiltered (alcohol)


Additional translation:

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