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くに/kuni/common kuni/くに/common · · outdated

ホウ//    くに/kuni/HOU/ホウ/    kuni/くに/

home country;  country;  Japan

れんぽう/renpou/common renpou/れんぽう/common連邦 · 聯邦
ほうじん/houjin/common houjin/ほうじん/common邦人
ほうがく/hougaku/common hougaku/ほうがく/common邦楽
  • noun:
    1. (traditional) Japanese music
とうほう/touhou/common touhou/とうほう/common東邦
  • noun:
    1. Oriental country;  the Orient
ほうが/houga/common houga/ほうが/common邦画
  • noun:
    1. Japanese film   洋画[2]
    2. Japanese painting
ほうやく/houyaku/common houyaku/ほうやく/common邦訳
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. translation into Japanese
ほんぽう/honpou/common honpou/ほんぽう/common本邦
  • noun:
    1. this country;  our country
いほうじん/ihoujin/common ihoujin/いほうじん/common異邦人
  • noun:
    1. foreigner;  stranger;  gentile
ゆうほう/yuuhou/common yuuhou/ゆうほう/common友邦
  • noun:
    1. friendly nation
ほうだい/houdai/common houdai/ほうだい/common邦題
  • noun:
    1. Japanese (translation) title given to foreign work
ほうじ/houji/common houji/ほうじ/common邦字
  • noun:
    1. Japanese characters;  kanji and kana
ドイツれんぽうきょうわこく/DOITSUrenpoukyouwakoku/ DOITSUrenpoukyouwakoku/ドイツれんぽうきょうわこく/ドイツ連邦共和国
  • noun:
    1. Federal Republic of Germany (former West Germany)
えいれんぽう/eirenpou/ eirenpou/えいれんぽう/英連邦
  • noun:
    1. Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth)
きゅうほう/kyuuhou/ kyuuhou/きゅうほう/旧邦
  • noun:
    1. old country
ざいべいほうじん/zaibeihoujin/ zaibeihoujin/ざいべいほうじん/在米邦人
  • noun:
    1. Japanese living in America
ざいりゅうほうじん/zairyuuhoujin/ zairyuuhoujin/ざいりゅうほうじん/在留邦人
  • noun:
    1. Japanese residents in another country;  Japanese expatriates
どうほう/douhou/ douhou/どうほう/同邦
  • noun:
    1. the same country
なんあれんぽう/nan'arenpou/ nan'arenpou/なんあれんぽう/南阿連邦
  • noun:
    1. Union of South Africa
べいれんぽうこうくうきょく/beirenpoukoukuukyoku/ beirenpoukoukuukyoku/べいれんぽうこうくうきょく/米連邦航空局
  • noun:
    1. Federal Aviation Administration;  FAA
ほうか/houka/ houka/ほうか/邦貨
ほうじしんぶん/houjishinbun/ houjishinbun/ほうじしんぶん/邦字新聞
  • noun:
    1. newspaper in Japanese;  Japanese-language newspaper
ばんぽう/banpou/ banpou/ばんぽう/万邦
  • noun:
    1. all nations
れんぽうぎかい/renpougikai/ renpougikai/れんぽうぎかい/連邦議会
れんぽうとりひきいいんかい/renpoutorihikiiinkai/ renpoutorihikiiinkai/れんぽうとりひきいいんかい/連邦取引委員会
  • noun:
    1. Federal Trade Commission (USA);  FTC

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